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Essential Tools

Easy Brushes For Everyone
Basic package Includes Pencil, Marker, Pen, Eraser, Bucket, BallPen.Each is well designed for both professional people and fans.
View Anamorphic Illusion
With a virtual cylindrical mirror in AnaDraw, You can easily browse anamorphic images.
Intuitive and Fast Tools
Targeting IOS8 and OpenGL Engine, the digital tools such as Layer, Transform, Undo Redo, etc. work in a fashionable manner.

Powerful Extensions

Need More Brushes?
Extended brush package includes Crayons, HardMarker, Finger, OilBrush, ChineseBrush, Airbrush which give you more controls over strokes.
Magic Anamorphic Canvas
You can draw image between normal and anamorphic canvas until you find your inspirations. A powerful tool to create illusion artwork.
Precise Control with Stylus
AnaDraw supports Adonit Jot, Pogo Connect, Wacom Stylus, Hex3 JaJa with stylus pressure feature on device of iPad3 and above.

How To View Anamorphic Image

Put Your Device In Place
A 3.8cm diameter cylindrical mirror is best fit for this app to view images directly on iPad.

If you don't have one, you can print the image out and find a substitute with reflective surface like tea cup, drink can, or MacPro as the mirror.
View Image In Right Way
Put iPad about 20cm horizontally away from body, lift it about 20cm vertically away from eye.

Then look at the image, adjust your head position slightly until you can see undistorted image in the mirror.
Use iPhone As Viewer
View anamorphic image by targeting iPhone’s camera to the marker created from AnaDraw.

Download AnaView for iPhone and use virtual device enpowered by Augmented Reality tech if you don’t have real device.

Draw Something Different